St paul's arts & media

SPAM is a collective of individuals exploring arts and media and how it relates to contemporary expressions of spirituality and faith.

SPAM was spawned in 2005 by Advertising Art Director James Bowman and Film Director Kevin Denholm, a few months after we started our 'new services' at St Paul's Auckland. We were a pretty productive bunch for a few years. Out of SPAM came SPANK, contributing to GLOW, and the creative culture of St P's.
While we never went away, in 2017, we reckoned it was time to reconnect with SPAMmers old and new, here. After being an active SPAMmer, starting with STAINED, Creative Director Eleanor Calder became SPAM co-leader with James in 2021.
On Facebook we've shared the stuff we've done in the past, what we're doing now, and discoveries we make of God intercepting arts and media. Tell us your thoughts. Send us what you discover. And share ideas of what we can do next.