St Paul's is a 100% congregationally funded church.

Your involvement enables us to do everything we do. Our three Sunday services are just the start. We work with children, youth, students and young adults. The calendar is full to the brim with courses, one off events, and prayer initiatives to name just a few. Your giving also enables us to consider new horizons we sense God calling the church into. We can’t do any of it without your help.

 If you would like to make a one-off donation or set up an automatic payment, please click the button below to be connected to our payment form.



We are partnering with TaxGift to multiply your impact!

Here’s how it works. Your donations to St Paul’s give you a tax credit of 33%. You can either claim that credit back through your tax return or, alternatively, you can gift it to St Paul’s where it then increases by 48% over three years as follows.

The beauty of TaxGift’s service is that it’s simple, it takes less than a minute to complete, and it’s free. You can opt in here, and then the team at TaxGift work with us and Inland Revenue to do the rest. You can even donate unclaimed tax credits from previous years if you want to.

At a time when we can’t fundraise for the life of the church in the usual ways, thanks for considering this very practical way of supporting St Paul’s. We so appreciate your ongoing generosity to the church, which makes everything we do possible.