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Here are our two brand new Christmas films that premiered at GLOW 2013. Enjoy.
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Want to know more about our story as Auckland's oldest church? The "Mother Church" of Auckland in fact? I've been beavering away at our formerly sparse Wikipedia article over the last few months, incorporating Kate Hannah's wonderful brief history, the Parish Profile we all helped create, various written and pictorial historic sources and some contemporary stuff including Tom Roberton photos. Hit the W icon at the top of this page or click here.

How can St Paul's reclaim the Treaty as part of our story? Read "The Gospel and the Treaty of Waitangi", the second article down here.

It was cool to read what the guys at Sputnik Magazine make of what we make.
Part one is here.
Part two is here.
Keep up the great work team.

"I’ve always been very suspicious of anything remotely autobiographical, because I don’t think that many of us are all that good at telling the truth about ourselves. But mike can be pretty persuasive...

For a long time I was a lawyer doing company and government transactions, mostly in London and New York, spending much of my year in aircraft and hotels. From all that canned air, I gained a real love for New Zealand’s fresh air, incredible landscapes, beaches and sea, farms and forests and Katie and I have interests in a couple of farm properties we are very passionate about. I chaired the board of the Auckland City Mission for a bit and tried to make a contribution to various charities. For the last 10 years or so, I have been the founding shareholder in a number of large coastal property projects, mostly permanently conserving large pieces of coastline as conservation estate and farms, although we have a large residential development near the city here. We planted and protected several million trees and preserved a lot of history. Our relationships with iwi have been important, and I have done a project for the government in that area also, re-negotiating a large treaty settlement and river management system. I am also deputy chairman of the board of Te Papa, the national guardian of our stories as a nation.

I have been a Christian a long time and over the years I find I believe much more strongly in God’s presence in the world, the incredible beauty of His creation, His power in our lives and His love for all mankind. For me, St Paul’s is all about us dealing with the fact that we are real people, with real lives (and failings), exploring together an amazing journey with a God of miracles who is interested in us. I love the reality of the St Paul’s approach – a full strength shot of the reality of God, a full strength shot of the reality of who we are. As a consequence, I find I can be me, and try to be a better me, and try to care for others and our world a bit better.

By Evan Williams

Published in
SPREAD magazine . issue four"
"Business as usual, booming or challenging, finding work, losing or drowning in it, discovering ideas, sharing or abandoning them, getting on with your colleagues or clashing with them? Have we got a deal for you! St Paul’s Marketplace Group has found chatting and praying together can often be helpful, sometimes extraordinary and occasionally miraculous.

At 6.30pm on the third Monday of each month all manner of industries, trades, professions and disciplines are represented over a meal at the Cruickshank’s home in Remuera. Guest speakers share their knowledge and experience at one meeting in three. Everyone tells their current business stories at others, culminating in a special Christmas gathering.

Business success comes in many guises but so often God’s timing seems to be the key. One such story is yet to have an entirely happy ending but it is a continuing saga of God’s interest in our businesses as well as every other part of our lives.

On the eve of spending tens of thousands on new equipment for business growth, a couple decided to abandon their plans after praying with the group and receiving their corporate (and Godly) wisdom. In ensuing months, advancing technology threw their industry into disarray, rendering such equipment obsolete and their decision entirely correct. Proceeding with the purchase would have been catastrophic for the family and the business.

So changed was the industry they even tried to sell their old machinery but for months there were no takers at any price. Out of the blue a missionary organisation in Sri Lanka heard about the equipment, spoke to our faithful but anxious couple, arranged a sponsor to transport the huge machine and are now prospering from the output. Just a few weeks after that, another SPMG member travelling in America met this generous sponsor at a completely unrelated gathering and together they could marvel at this divine ‘coincidence’. God knew: the key was their strength to share the story, ask for prayer and then be guided by the collective wisdom.

Only God knows the end from the beginning. We don’t know what the next episode will be for this couple or anyone in business, we can but do our homework, play our part and discuss options with like-minded people. What God can bring to the equation is the over-arching theme of SPMG meetings. The twists and turns in each person’s working walk are helpful, varied and interesting. Support, prayer, feedback and encouragement at and between meetings are on offer. You are most welcome.

By Jan Halstead - St Paul's Marketplace Group

Published in SPREAD magazine . issue four"
"It has been a while since we were with you, but Africa has gotten under our skin. Our journey here has been heartbreaking and life-giving as we work through, not only the world around us, but the worlds within us. We were asked to write just a little bit so I am going to tell you about one small journey that God has taken us on in His gracious quest for transformation.

When Greg and I left New Zealand, we were ready to use our business skills to serve the Kingdom of God. We turned over our corporate lives and came to a Christian NGO that works towards the ambitious vision of Christ centered transformation of South Sudan communities. Our job was not to go live in a mud hut in South Sudan, but rather to work in the Kenyan head office to improve the finance department and instigate organisational change. God opened the door for us and we jumped in boots and all. Upon arrival, we realised we were walking straight into a minefield of dysfunction that had been building for five years and ready to explode. We had not prepared for head office resistance towards us, relational strains at work, and office politics. We also began to see that organisations are the same the world over. No matter if I work at a bank in NZ or in a village in South Sudan, the effects of human nature, leadership challenges, and financial stress make them seem very similar under the veneer of different purposes and missions. So then what, after disillusionment and disappointment? The months that stretched out before us seemed like an endless slog uphill. We decided to open our eyes to the world beyond our organisation. We looked around at the hundreds of individuals who are struggling to make life livable and started to pray that God would put people in our life that we were to walk alongside.

Soon after, standing on the street waiting for a matatu, I saw a lost-looking guy wandering down the street. I greeted him, knowing by his distinct height and darkness that he was South Sudanese, and we began to talk. After asking him if he needed anything he said he was walking around trying to figure out how to pay his school fees. Deng was a South Sudanese refugee, and like so many Sudanese, he walked three months to Kenya as a child to escape the war. Normally, I would have listened to the story with an element of being ‘world-wise’ here in Africa, but God told me to help this one, so no questions were asked. I told him I would pay his school fees, and give him money for food as he hadn’t eaten for a few days. Deng came over later, met Greg, and we began a relationship that we continue on to this day.

As I went to school and paid his fees, he told me something that has stayed within my heart. He gave me permission to be Christ to him. I laughed at first because I have never been told this before and it sounded so out of place, but upon reflection I started to see the profound nature of his comment.

I was given permission to carry the highest honor on this earth, to feed a hungry person, give him some clothes and build a relationship.

As time has passed since the early days of disillusionment, our work in the organisation has improved. However, our journey has taught us that we too can hide behind a veneer or an organisation’s purpose and mission as a substitute for being Christ to the individuals in our life. It is not just about structural development, changing systems to multiply benefits, or better financial management, but also about looking for who is walking down the street right in front of our house.

So as I sign off this letter, I want to leave you with a challenge. It is simply this: Who is the Holy Spirit prompting you to be Christ to, and how are you going to respond? I promise that this will lead you to amazing places right in your own backyard!

By Lisa and Greg Bowman

Published in
SPREAD magazine . issue four"

Are you new to St Paul's? Finding it tricky to get connected or want to find out more about how things work? Come and join us at Greet on Monday 5 May at 7pm in the main church. We'll share wine and cheese, have a yarn, get to know you and give you the opportunity to ask questions about life at St Paul’s. If you're keen to come along, please email us to register. Can't wait to meet you...

The Life Course is fast approaching and is one of our most exciting courses of the year. It is a wonderful opportunity to invite your friends and family to get a taste of who we are as a church, present the basics of Christianity and introduce someone to the person of Jesus - this is a life-changing course. So go on - start thinking about who are you going to bring and pop the question – after all, asking someone to church doesn't need to be this awkwardEmail us for more info.

We’re on the scout for cooks, a kitchen prep and clean up team, table hosts, table setters and atmosphere-makers for our Life Course banquet and the five-week course. If you’re interested and available any Wednesday evening from May 7 to June 11, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Our wonderful crèche nanny, Julia Van Den Brink, is moving on after nearly 5 years to pursue her studies. Thus we need someone with a heart for babies and toddlers to run the creche for our morning services (5 hours pw) and/or for our SPACE mums on Monday mornings (3 hours pw) - this role could be shared. If you are organised, can communicate well and identify with the special nature of our community, then we'd love to hear from you. Previous experience important. This will be a paid part-time position of 8 hours (or two positions of 5 hours and 3 hours respectively). Please send your CV to Jennie Milne.

Would you like to be part of the St Paul's Geographical Care system? Signing up is easy and it allows people from St Paul’s living in your geographical area to get in contact with you occasionally to see if you’d like support. If you’re interested, please get in touch with pastoral care. It’s that simple.

The office ninjas are busy preparing everyone’s tax receipts for the last financial year. These will be completed and emailed out to you by the end of April, so if you haven’t received yours by early May, please let us know. If you have recently changed your email or residential address, please email us your new details. Thanks very much for your support this year - we couldn't do it without your generous giving.

Good Friday is only a week away now which means we’re on the home straight for Lent. Blake’s Lenten studies this year have been amazing and have been a great resource for small groups. We hope they’ve been a blessing as you have reflected on Jesus’ life and death. This week is our final study and it’s all about waiting – a great finish to 40 days of Lent. Grab a hold of it here.

As well as the end of Lent and our Maundy Thursday small group meals, we’d like to invite you to celebrate Easter with us at church. Please come along, and invite family and friends, to our 10am reflective Good Friday service (April 18) and Easter Celebration services at normal times on Easter Sunday (April 20). We look forward to spending Easter with you.

Do you need time to check in with God? Would you like to pray with others to discover what is on his heart? Then come and join us at 6:45am on Thursday mornings in the church for community and coffee. We meet every week. It’s addictive.

You may be new to St Paul’s, been here a few months or even years, but never actually told us that you want to belong to St Paul’s. We would love you to join in the fun with us and make sure you are on our database. If you don’t know whether you are on our database or not, you probably aren’t! (You are if you filled in a census form last year). So to make sure that you are included on the list, please pick up and complete a joining form on Sunday or do it all online here

a talk by Phil Halstead
18 November 2012
6.30pm | Jonah 1:1-17

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18 Nov

a talk by Sally Shanks
11 November 2012
6.30pm | Ephesians 2:11-17

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11 Nov

a talk by Angelika Halstead
04 November 2012
11am | Luke 10:25-38

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04 Nov

What a privilege to attend a State of the Nation address where you actually feel you are making a difference in your city because you are in touch with the true Powers that Be rather than politicians. Right from the start the atmosphere in the crypt on 25 October 2012 was charged not only with worship and a glass of wine but with news of the impact of St Paul’s programme of courses and outreach on the people of our city. From Worship Central offering a forum for worship leaders and groups from many other churches, Theology and Marriage courses, Prison Ministry, Student Welcomes where people come for lunch and leave with a hunger for the Pearl of great price, to Life courses where coming to faith on the first night is not unheard of, and more, attendance is great and the outcomes are life changing. Suggestions from the floor and in writing will hopefully help Vicar Mike Norris realise his vision for more and better of the same in 2013. It is worth every effort.

Jan Halstead

Office Coordinator and Production Assistant

Exposure is a dynamic communications company that makes people-based content for commercial, documentary and humanitarian purposes worldwide.  

We are looking for a unique and vibrant person to join our team in the role of Office Coordinator and Production Assistant. He/she will work closely with the Production team to assist them in the delivery of multiple projects, coordinate administration and the smooth running of the office, and provide day to day support to the wider Exposure team in accordance with Exposure’s distinct vision and culture. 


Key Result Areas: 

  • Provide day to day support to the Exposure team as required
  • Assist in the delivery of multiple projects throughout the course of production;including equipment drop offs / pick ups, space delegation of freelancers, catering and general support of the production team
  • Assist with project correspondence including booking travel, responding to emails, taking phone calls, liaising with contractors/suppliers and responding to general enquiries
  • Provide administrative support and other relevant support to all staff as is appropriate and feasible; including scheduling meetings, making coffees, creation of NGO travel folders, and assisting with team social events
  • Assist with FGM project administration as is required
  • Contribute to Exposure’s social media presence in collaboration with the Production Coordinator
  • Take responsibility for ensuring Exposure office cover; including opening & closing offices each day and a front of house presence within office hours
  • Provide day-to-day office coordination; duties including attending to mail, stocking and purchasing of office supplies, filing, answering phones, arranging couriers, printing and printing systems, and reconciling petty cash
  • Coordinate general office cleaning (including the coffee machine) and maintenance
  • Host visitors to Exposure including meeting and greeting clients, providing catering and preparation for client meetings
  • Co-ordinate and create agenda for weekly housekeeping meeting
  • Ensure compliance with Exposure quality, practice and policies and carry out any other responsibilities that can be reasonably expected of the Office Coordinator and Production Assistant


    The successful candidate will be someone who is motivated and works well under pressure, follows projects to completion, can work independently and within a team, has great communication skills, displays a sense of fun and has passed Exposure’s BBQ test


Please send CV and cover letter to nikki@exposure.org by Wednesday 30 April.