Jennifer Cairns

My story of God rescuing me from danger

In my 20’s I went travelling in the USA and spent some time visiting sights in Chicago. One evening I caught a train back to my hostel and was alone in the carriage until a menacing group of youths got in. Initially they were at the other end of the carriage, but I felt their mood change and they began moving towards me. I prayed like I’ve never prayed before or since.

With my eyes open watching their reflections in the window I asked God to rescue me from what I felt was going to be an inevitable and life changing event. The train slowed for the next station. They started to call out and moved even closer. I considered getting out of the train but instinctively felt safer on board than in a subway station. I kept silently screaming at God asking for His protection.

Only one person was waiting at the station. A huge man. He seemed to be searching for someone. He saw me and our eyes locked. He got into my carriage and walked up to where I was sitting. He sat on the seat at right angles to me. I was frozen. I couldn’t decide if the newcomer was there to help me or not. I asked God for a sign. I heard the noise of paper being crinkled so I looked in that direction. The stranger was fiddling with a church newsletter from the Fifth Ave Baptist Church of Chicago. As I saw this he asked me if I was okay. I looked at him and said I hadn’t been but thought I would be now. He smiled and asked if he could introduce himself. I nodded. He was one of the pastors at a church. He had been preaching when God stopped him. God told him there was a young female from overseas and she was in trouble and he needed to leave the service immediately. Not understanding but trusting God regardless, he told his congregation what God had said to him and announced that he had to go. As he left the church he felt to go back and get a church newsletter. God told him to go home on his normal train. He asked me if I was able to tell him what had happened, which I did. During his story the youths had disembarked. I broke down whilst talking. Through my tears I told this man he was an angel. My angel, sent to protect me.

God’s unfathomable timing protection and all-encompassing love, combined with this gentle giant of an angel listening and unquestioningly stepping out in faith, had saved me. From what, I thankfully will never know. God loves details too. The angel lived two doors down from the hostel where I was staying. He had done as God had asked him and gone home on his normal train. I am often drawn back. Back to the fact that God loves me that much. His love is strong, powerful and fiercely protective.