Esther Grant

My story of taking a risk.

3 weeks ago, I was listening to some gospel favourites on Spotify when a Marley Sola song came on that I didn’t know. I couldn’t make out the lyrics but the chorus rung out clearly… “Lift your head high, you’re gonna get the next one.”
A friend’s face flashed to my mind and then the thought that I was to text her the song and tell her to lift her head high because she’s going to get the next job she applies for. My friend has been out of work for over a year and has applied for over one hundred jobs and keeps getting down to the last two and then missing out. This felt like a high-risk message. But I’ve learnt that when these random thoughts arrive it’s God speaking to me and if I’m willing to be courageous and risk doing what He tells me to do miracles happen.  

Before I could talk myself out of it, I fired off the text with a gulp and said “God, you’ve got to come through!” Two weeks later I got a message. She had played the song every morning, lifted her head high – and she had just been offered the next job – and not just any job either. It’s a great job!