Denise Hepworth

My story of healing.

For 15 years I suffered from chronic fatigue which greatly impacted my life.  After a medical event that put me in hospital, I came out from there and the chronic fatigue was at its worst and I was sleeping 10 to 12 hours at night, then 1 or 2 hours at lunch time and quite often I would be so tired that I could not even cook dinner and had to go back to bed.
One night I attended a film evening at St Pauls on Healing and the following Sunday I went forward for prayer. After prayer I was then asked what I was managing and I replied “my health” as I have chronic fatigue and I was prayed for again covering that. I didn’t feel anything then and there but the next day I just continued through the day and then I realised that I was healed and that a miracle had taken place as I had gone the whole day without bed rest; and it has continued.
What is amazing is that I come from a very cynical background, so this miracle has absolutely thrown me (in the best possible way) and God has shown me that he cares and patiently loves and waits – in his timing; that is definitely true. It is hard to believe logically and yet I am living it.  How wonderful is the power of prayer.  I am a living testament to it.  Thank you God; with praise and thanksgiving; hallelujah.