The River

At our River nights we have seen God break through for many people over the years; bringing healing, freedom, provision and prophetic encouragement.

As a team we love to partner with God to release the victory Jesus won for us on the cross! All are welcome to receive prayer, or simply come and soak in the presence of God.

Sozo Prayer

Sozo is a prayer ministry being offered by churches throughout New Zealand, the UK, and the USA and is now available at St Paul’s.

Kushlagh Thomson and Nikki Sullivan are offering sozo prayer appointments at the St Paul’s offices. If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in some area of spiritual life, unable to get free from wounds of the past, or wanting greater intimacy and freedom with Jesus, sozo may be for you. Email us to find out more.

Prayer Life

We know from scripture that prayer is powerful and effective. Our Prayer Life events bring together people from across our church community to pray for each other, our church and our country. Email Sally to find out more.

All are welcome.

Baby Prayer

Are you, or is someone you know, quietly struggling with conception, pregnancy or fertility issues? Our women's baby prayer group is getting together to pray and support each another.

By God's power and grace, couples are overcoming medical odds, miscarriage, unexplained infertility and more. Email Sally to find out more. All welcome.