Here’s the full rundown of our multi-faceted community arts event that runs from June to September. Everyone is very welcome to attend, create and give as much or as little to STAINED as they like.


• To inspire and inform our community about the significant heritage reflected in the 31 stained glass windows at St Paul’s, Symonds St – a Category 1 Historic Place – which were installed from 1895 to 1973, and refer to our foundations as Auckland’s first church.

• To invite people into expressions of joy at the beautiful space we have been gifted by previous generations to worship in by creating, exhibiting, viewing and buying art inspired by St Paul’s stained glass.

• To extend our community’s worship to God in paint, with the stained glass as a starting point but not necessarily our landing place. A place for people who would like to learn to paint and meet other people in the church.

• To raise awareness of the three windows that need urgent repair work and to raise $6,490 for their restoration.

• To introduce our hopes of continuing our legacy of celebration, unity and diversity by staining the remaining windows in the St Paul’s tower and clerestory, starting with windows commemorating tangata whenua, through collaborations, competitions and giving.


• Members of St Paul’s and the wider Anglican community with interests in history, architecture, story, art and media.

• Current followers and past members of SPAM (St Paul’s Arts & Media) and the wider Christian arts community: Salt and The Bonfire for example.

• Local arts, design and architecture students from Auckland Uni & AUT.


STAINED is a multi-faceted community arts event that will draw from our historic stained glass, create for our present and give to our future.

Historical Stories

Three weekly talks by Simeon Hawkins on the St Paul’s stained glass, including Q&As and printed notes. Over wine and nibbles, Simeon will tell the stories behind our windows, explain their relation to our historic heritage as Auckland’s first church, and shed some light on their Biblical significance. Plus, he’ll reveal a few hidden gems that you never knew were there. It’ll be a fascinating three weeks of talks as we launch into STAINED.

Simeon Hawkins was a history teacher in the UK and holds a Graduate Diploma in Theology, specialising in Biblical and Church history. He is currently studying a history Masters through Auckland University on the first100 years of St Paul’s Church and is familiar with every stone, plank and pane of this historic building which has been his home since 2011. As a veteran youth leader and teacher, Simeon brings history alive in fun and accessible ways through his incredible passion to re-tell the stories that have shaped our beloved church for the past 176 years.

Upstairs in the main St Paul’s building.
7pm Mondays 11, 18 & 25 June, 2018
No charge (but a koha for stained glass restoration is welcomed).

Art Course

Eight weekly workshops lead by Erin O’Malley, drawing inspiration from our stained glass and reinterpreting as painting or multimedia artworks, culminating in our exhibition.

This art course is about creatively celebrating the beauty and heritage of our building. We will explore these ideas using fun mixed media techniques designed to lead us towards a finished painting. Your own personal song celebrating an aspect of your faith. If you have never painted before this is a lovely introduction to mark making and the joy of the process.

Erin O’Malley has a BA (grad dip tchg) from Auckland University. After teaching English literature for a number of years in Auckland, she moved to Sydney Australia and pursued her love of painting. She finished her training with a diploma in Design majoring in painting. She has exhibited in both New Zealand and Australia.

For Erin the joy of painting is in the method. The action, the journey and direction of mark making. She is often surprised with the outcome. Colour is an integral part of her composition, using colour to capture an idea, to embrace a feeling.

So come and join her in the stained art classes for the simple ‘joy of it’

Downstairs in the St Paul’s crypt.
7pm Mondays 2 July to 20 August, 2018
$80 course cost includes in class materials and pro panel board.
20 spaces only (for people aged 12 years and over) so be quick to register and pay here:


Merchandise based around our windows will be created for sales at our exhibition and proceeds will go towards restoring our stained glass. Merch may include T-shirts, canvases, shopping bags, greeting cards and bookmarks.


A three day exhibition including STAINED course art, wider community art, merch and exhibits of PAST and FUTURE Facets.

All artists, including painters, photographers, sculptors, poets, musicians, film makers etc are invited to submit pieces inspired by, or connected to St Paul’s stained glass. Artists may sell their work at the exhibition if they choose, with 50–100% of the money will go towards restoring St Paul’s stained glass. Esther will also ask for donations at the opening.

We’ll have a Fri evening opening event and open the exhibition over the weekend.

On Sat kids will create art to add to the exhibition for viewing on Sun.

Artwork is to be delivered to St Paul’s on Sunday 16 Sept before or after services, with pricing and catalogue & signage wording, including media info and the artist’s name (plus contact deets).

Upstairs in the main St Paul’s building.
7pm Friday 21, 2-5pm Saturday 22 and during services Sunday 23 Sept, 2018
No charge (but a koha for stained glass restoration is welcomed).

Commemorative Windows

James Bowman and Esther Grant will seek to korero with tangata whenua about designing and staining four new windows on either side of our large west-side rose window.

The potential scope of these will be determined by the St Paul’s restoration structural design work that should be completed by July.

Progress on continuing our legacy of celebration, unity and diversity in this way will be presented at the STAINED Exhibition.

Design Competition

Once our Commemorative Windows are designed, we hope to organise a competition to design new windows for our tower and clerestory windows, based on the historical themes envisioned for these, taking into consideration our historic & contemporary culture, and practical aspects like light and the mezzanine floor build.

Rules of Engagement

The six SPAM Rules of Engagement outline the expectations of SPAM and St Paul’s for anyone involved in our projects.

1. The individual creator(s) retain copyright to their work.

2. SPAM and St P’s expect full publishing rights to the work (preferably exclusively for a year).

3. The creator should obtain permission to use any material (images, music etc) not created by them (there may be funds available from St P’s for this).

4. The creator is encouraged to donate 50–100% of the sale of any project material to St P’s.
5. If agreed project criteria (such as deadlines or objectives) aren’t met, the project or work may be pulled.

6. All work should be consistent with the Christian values of SPAM & St P’s.