One of my favourite ways of getting stuck in at church is being part of Angel Food. Basically it involves being part of a localised group of people who make and deliver food for others who are going through challenging life experiences.
I have been serving this way for several years and even though I have scaled back my involvement due to my longer working hours, it is still something I treasure doing.
 I used to worry about cooking something flash, but I have come to realise that it doesn't have to be gourmet, just tasty and nutritious.
 I also like keeping my ear to the ground in my local community and being ready to offer a meal to a new mum and dad, or a stretched family. It's a really wonderful way to get to know people and make a difference for them in a small yet loving way. I figure that I am cooking for my family anyway, so I may as well make a little more.
Maybe it's a way for you serve at St P's? The recipients are genuinely gobsmacked by the meals so it's incredibly gratifying. 

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