The various SHEER events at St Paul’s are the result of amazing teamwork and are headed up by the inspirational (and fairly busy) Lou Grant. Louise’s recent facebook post reads “Been to Samoa, L.A., London, Sydney, Melbourne this month, yay to Friday night on the sofa!”

The most recent SHEER event was called ‘SPARK’ and very much reflected Lou’s heart to “see women released into their calling and set free from the things that hold them back from living a full and exciting life with God.”

Sally Shanks spoke on the formation of our identity as women in light of some of the historical and cultural ‘messages’ to which we may have been exposed. One fantastic aspect of SPARK was the generous offering of personal prophectic ministry from Mark Tiplady and Brendon Blade during the prayer time. This was a huge encouragement, and we want to thank these two men who were kind, patient, and undaunted by the very long queue...

Published in SPREAD magazine . issue three