What a privilege to attend a State of the Nation address where you actually feel you are making a difference in your city because you are in touch with the true Powers that Be rather than politicians. Right from the start the atmosphere in the crypt on 25 October 2012 was charged not only with worship and a glass of wine but with news of the impact of St Paul’s programme of courses and outreach on the people of our city. From Worship Central offering a forum for worship leaders and groups from many other churches, Theology and Marriage courses, Prison Ministry, Student Welcomes where people come for lunch and leave with a hunger for the Pearl of great price, to Life courses where coming to faith on the first night is not unheard of, and more, attendance is great and the outcomes are life changing. Suggestions from the floor and in writing will hopefully help Vicar Mike Norris realise his vision for more and better of the same in 2013. It is worth every effort.

Jan Halstead