It took ‘Sheer’ guts’ to drag myself along to the women’s event on Saturday. I am busy professional independent mum and did not relish the idea of giving up my Saturday morning. But when Lou said told us that it was a ‘women’s event for women who hate women’s events’, I sucked it up and went.

Who would know that I would not only enjoy going myself but meeting some amazing women? I met a lovely young lady who not only loved the Sunday evening service because of its scriptural content but she was studying to be a forensic scientist. One of the other women was a hand therapist (who knew they existed!?) and a Mum doing a sterling job of holding a blended family together.  

The key message I got from the event is 'by taking baby steps, I can make a difference in my life'. Whether is it setting a goal of spending one minute a day with God... or doing crunches in the ads of my favorite TV program.   Angelika suggested meditating and running at the same time and, as a multitasker, that really appealed. And my favorite quote of the day was "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing badly." This allows me to think about dropping some of the stupidly high expectations I have of myself.

And of course being lavished with asparagus rolls and light fluffy scones with jam and cream was just heavenly.   Well done to Lou and all of the ladies who pulled this event together.

Reviewed by Louise Poole.
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