The church was spring-like and divine for the life questions banquet on Wednesday 9 November.  Three long banqueting tables were set with rustic hessian and fresh mint, parsley, rosemary and chives - special thanks to Liv and Toni!

Over a hundred guests enjoyed a feast of crunchy vegetables with delicious dip, cacciatore chicken with herbed rice and steamed broccoli, followed by caramel coated chocolate brownie and strawberries for dessert.  Yum - thank you Pearl Harper! 

Rick Shank’s band ‘silverblue’ an amazing combo of vocals, guitar and harmonica, played as we dined. Bex Norris told a bit of her story and invited everyone to pop their curliest questions down on post it notes. Bex’s personal favourite was ‘Why are Christian leaders such douchebags?’ But this was merely one of many challenging and interesting questions including ‘Why do nasty people always seem to succeed?’, ‘Is heaven really that good?’ and ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?  One guest was amazed at the questions, saying "I am so excited that there are this many people asking this many questions about life that aren’t about food, money and sex."   Following on from the banquet, the fun really begins as people on the Life Questions course really get stuck into some of the questions. The evenings kick off with a guest presenter on big curlies like ‘if God is real, why doesn’t he show up?’, followed by some Q&A time, then any questions at the table.  Come along for dinner for the rest of November and bring everyone you have ever met – this is such an easy ask!    Photos of the Banquet (by Chris Scullin)