There’s a stage saying “The Show’s not over until the fat lady sings!” – in our case with two nativity productions last Sunday at St Paul’s morning services, it was “until the gorgeous star ‘twinkled’” above the hay strewn manger where baby Jesus lay surrounded by angels, sheep, shepherds, wise men and of course Mary and Joseph. From the moment people walked into the church where Christmas carols were playing and the empty manger lay ready and waiting, they commented on the sense of peace and anticipation. And they weren’t left ‘wanting’ - as children sang, angels twirled, narrators told the beautiful, simple and timeless Christmas story and sheep shepherds and wise men all found their way to Bethlehem. Afterwards the atmosphere was full of joy as people mingled over mince tarts, strawberries and coffee. Christmas is well and truly here and we now all look forward to GLOW. Jennie.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of this time of year, the Children’s Church Christmas production was a gorgeous way to pause and help make Christmas meaningful for the children. We didn’t have a production last year, so our children were excited to be performing again for the rest of the church. We had one gloriously full on rehearsal on Saturday, followed by two performances on Sunday, and the children really did us proud. The children with speaking parts were perfect and the choir sang their hearts out. They sounded beautiful as they sang ‘Te Harinui’ accompanied by a cello and the rest of the band. The remainder of the cast consisted of a wonderfully eclectic mix of angels, sheep and shepherds. We had asked the parents to provide their costumes, and I loved the way their different personalities really shone through. A huge ‘thank you’ to the wonderful efforts of the families and the team of helpers who made it all happen. Visit our facebook album and enjoy looking at all the gorgeous photos! Linda.