From noon Saturday to noon Sunday 17-18 March, 200 worshippers gathered together on a farm in Raglan for a 24-hour worship experience called ‘Hydrate’. The purpose? To get away, slow down and explore the person of Jesus.

We began with a 'pilgrimage', walking from the carpark for a couple of kilometres to find the perfect clearing in the trees to set up tents. The walk forced us to slow down, disengage from city life and prepare to enter the sacred space of abandoned worship and rest. The breathtaking setting played host to life-changing times of conversation, music, quiet, walks, prayer, reflection, food, word and, of course, sleep. We had the privilege of taking a team from St Paul's to lead some gathered worship and it was encouraging to take some of our brand new songs on the road.


"I personally had a super significant moment when two great friends offered to pray for Emily and I. Their prayers were filled with prophetic insight as we sensed the Holy Spirit speaking into our future. It was so encouraging, a real gift!"


It was great to converse with other churches with the same heart. Gateway Hamilton, Mt Mosaic, Edge Kingsland and Cindy Ruakere all contributed but I know all would be quick to say that really it was the Holy Spirit's presence in our midst that made the whole weekend worthwhile.

Next year, when you hear Hydrate mentioned at church, make sure you register and get yourself along. You will not regret it!

Andy Campbell