Standing in the middle of Vector Arena last December wildy waving your glowstick about and singing at the top of your lungs…the plight of those living in poverty in Niger was probably the last thing on your mind. You may, however, remember popping a few coins in the GLOW donation pots as they went past in a wave of fluorescent glowstick excitement…

Eight months later, we’re proud to announce that the generous audience at GLOW gave just over $15,000 to World Vision. That in itself is an amazing achievement, but what World Vision has done with that money is even more amazing.

In a comparatively short space of time, World Vision has completed the Tamroro village school WASH Project, providing 390 pupils and 7 teachers at Tamroro village school with two blocks of latrines and a source for clean drinking water. In a country where 40% of the population have no access to potable clean drinking water, and 80% have no access to suitable sanitation services, this project will have hugely positive effects on the health of the surrounding area. According to Idrissa Hima, one of World Vision Niger’s field staff, “The impact of these infrastructures will be to improve access to sanitation and potable water for all the beneficiaries and decrease endemic diseases due to the unsafe water consumption and inadequate hygiene practices.” Enabling a healthier community, this project will ultimately result in better school attendance and a more effective education for the younger generation of Tamroro Village. The future effects of something as simple as clean water and hygienic sanitation will be seen for many generations.

We’d like to thank you wonderfully generous people who gave your hard-earned dollars to a good cause. Because of your generosity, alongside the wonderful work of World Vision, there’s a grateful bunch of kids on the other side of the world drinking fresh water and feeling healthier (and smarter) for it! You can be proud of the results – we sure are!