Big Fish met at Campbells Bay on Sunday afternoon 26 June to go kite-fishing. Tim's fishing kite, attached to a winch on the beach, pulled a longline 500m offshore, and Carl deployed his by hauling it out with his kayak. We fished till dusk, then retrieved the gear (flying fishing kites at night breaches CAA regulations - they fly so high they are an aircraft hazard)! We were stoked with our haul - four snapper on the kayak longline, and four snapper and a gurnard on the kite long line. Biggest fish 4.5 lb.

We all had a great time, and all took fresh fish home to our respective families.

Sounds like fun? Keep an eye out in the upcoming Happening enews to find out about the next Big Fish adventure.

29 May Event Wrapup Big Fish met together for the first time on Saturday 29 May. On a fine but freezing afternoon, we jostled for a spot amongst the locals at Point England to see what the sea would offer up. It was a determined effort but at the end of the day the sunset and the conversation were definitely the highlights – several sprats were all we managed to pull from the deep! (They were caught in desperation at the end of the day so at least we had caught something!).

We invite all fisher-people, both beginners and regulars, to join us for our next event on 26 June as we plan to head further afield to go kite-fishing.

Ever wanted to fish with 25 hooks up to 800m off the coast, all while sitting firmly planted on the sand? Keep an eye out in Happening and here on the website for more details. Email Tim if you are keen or want some more info.