Big Fish met on the 3rd December for the last get together of the year. We headed out to Waititi Bay (out past Clevedon) for a mission to catch snapper. Using his kayak, Carl valiantly pulled a longline about 800 m offshore, and with 25 hooksand a heap of bait we were pretty hopeful to catch a haul. So while the fish got hungry, we sat on the beach, enjoyed the sunshine, and had a good chat. After an hour we pulled in the line but were rewarded with only one snapper - so lets hope for better luck next time. Overall though it was a great morning out, and we look forward to many more fishy missions in 2011. Email bigfish if you are keen to be involved and I will add you to the email list. Have a great Christmas, and if you get to go fishing over the holidays, we hope you catch some big ones.