During the July school holidays, a group of Bunker and Core kids went to a day camp in Henderson called Youthserve. It was a chance for youth from around Auckland to help the local community and have some fun. Over the five days there were lots of jobs that needed to be done, like planting trees, cleaning up the Salvation Army kitchen, toilets and their plastic chairs, spending time with elderly people, cleaning up peoples’ houses that can’t do it for themselves, providing a free car wash and café for locals and going out and offering to pray for the community.
There was a lovely lady called Sanita who took time out to cook us all dinner every day except Friday, when we ordered 25 pizzas!
During the evenings there were tonnes of games and small group reflections and prayer times ending, on Friday when we hosted a family quiz night for the locals.
Next year I recommend anyone from year eight and over should go along because it’s great fun and you feel good afterwards knowing that you’ve done a really good thing for the community. 

- Oscar Bowman