we're stoked you're keen to share! make sure you login first and then check out the different ways you can post stuff below.... the comms team will approve and publish it for you asap...



This could be an article, a link, a thought, some news or just some info that people may find helpful.
It will display like the example on the left, showing a brief intro to your post - the user can click through to read the rest. It will also display a photo (if you choose to upload one to go with your article), your name as the author and the number of comments (if applicable).


If you have a good news story about what God is doing in your life, church group, work, family, community or chess club, why not share it and encourage everyone? God is busy and active in and through our people right now, but how will others know if you don't tell them? Your story will display a the first 10 or so words like the example on the left and then ya click through to read the rest. Let's 'go tell it on the mountain'...


Movies are everywhere, and a lot of them can really inspire, encourage or just plain humour us. If you have seen some video goodness that would be appropriate to share, then get your embed code ready! What does that mean? Let us explain.
1) hunt down the video on YouTube or Vimeo.
2) click the 'share' button and then click the 'embed' button. Set the custom width of the movie to 500px (it will adjust the height automatically). This will give you a bunch of geeky code that you just copy and paste into the 'video code' area of your posting form.
3) complete the other fields, click the 'add a post' button and voila! You have shared a movie.



If you have a one-off photo you would like to share with us, then yahoo - please do. Even better if you can optimise it to a nice, small file size so it doesn't take up too much space (exporting it or saving it as a low quality or 'small' JPG from your image program usually works). You'll need to tell us if your photo is portrait (tall in shape) or landscape (wide in shape) - this will help us display it nicely.  Finally, when you hit 'go', you may need to wait a wee while for the photo upload (depending on image size). You know the deal...


If you got a bit snaphappy at an event and have a bunch of great images you'd like to share, uploading them one-by-one may get a bit tedious. Never fear - social media is here! Sharing lots of pics is easy as - it just depends on how you're plugged in.
1) either upload them to Facebook and tag 'St Paul's Auckland' OR ...
2) if you are on Flickr, join the St Paul's Auckland group and upload them there.

gotcha head around it all?

Once you know what you are gonna post, then you need to figure out where to do it (i.e. who's gonna see it).

Or perhaps we have just confused you completely and you are starting to rock gently in your office chair. If that's you, fear not - jump over to the frequently asked questions and ask yours.